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4.18 Living Room Sessions: MOULLINEX with Pirate Stereo & Brandon Morales

If there is an underlying trait in all good music, it must be its ability to crush boundaries between genres, dancefloors and couches, twelve inches and YouTube clips. Enter MOULLINEX, Lisbon and Munich-based Luis Clara Gomes. Dedicated to the pursuit of his own sound, refusing to adhere to a specific genre or scene, but taking comfort in disco and house as a starting point – this is a night perfectly tailored to The Carpet…

4.11 The Living Room Sessions: MYKKI BLANCO



New York based self descrbied “Acid Punk Rapper” MYKKI BLANCO. Blanco’s raps, national nightlife anthems – rave culture, hip hop culture, trip hop and Riot Grrl – Mykki Blanco swerves with ease in and out of each genre with his/her artful lyricism, agressive delivery and the showmanship that has made Blanco a stand out entertainer….