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8.28 REPTAR w/ New Madrid + Artime + John Jolt Radio




There is no pretense behind Carpet veterans REPTAR – Andrew McFarland (drums), Ryan Engelberger (Bass), and William Kennedy (analog keyboards). The ability to amuse and arouse their fans is just as important to them as indulging their musical curiosities. This sonic wanderlust extends from African Music to post-punk to psych-pop – Don’t miss this their return!

6.13 ZIMMER w/ Artime



Celebrate Friday the 13th in a LUCKY way by getting to see the return of ZIMMER to The Carpet – combining tropical elements, feel good melodies and groovy basslines, he makes the perfect sunny day (or sexy night) soundtrack – west coast carefree attitude with a twist of Parisian chic makes this a not-to-miss night on The Carpet..


5.9 NICK MONACO w/ Will Buck & Artime



Welcome back NICK MONACO to The Carpet – his eclectic musical tastes will ensure that he plays something for everyone –  his work has been described at “quirky, innocent, and original.” Currently Nick is making his transition from big bass to deeper, emotional, and more musical explorations, a sign of maturity and growth, the fruit of which we are soon to taste.