Orlando Higginbottom aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs aka TEED is coming to the carpet at Bardot for on November 3rd during for our new Thursday Living Room Sessions.

TEED is the young son of an Oxford University music professor. He got himself started on making music two years ago and has been on fire since.

If you are not familiar with this phenom, take a listen to some of his music on the event’s wall.

After TEED’s performance, The Magician aka Stephen Fasano aka one half of the old Aeroplane will be spinning.

According to The Magician’s bio “Everywhere The Magician goes, there’s music in the air. People come under his spell and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Lost in a purple haze, transfixed in a flurry of white doves. He makes clubbers float through disco heaven and takes them around the house on a magic carpet ride. Behind his green translucent eyes, there’s an unlimited knowledge of the musical past, present and future.”

His Magic Tapes are all the buzz and his remixes are the go to bangers here Miami. Volume 13 of The Magic Tapes is below on the wall as well, take a listen to this fantastic mix.

Pirate Stereo and The Nightdrive DJs will be spinning before after and in between during the program.

This party has all the makings of an amazing night with some of Miami’s best DJs spinning along with TEED and The Magician all on the same night in a small setting like Bardot.


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