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11.6 GRINGO STAR w/ DJ Dojah & A-Train + Ray Milian (Off the Radar)

GringoStarWelcome to The Carpet GRINGO STAR – their liquid melodies cascade through air like a waterfall in zero gravity, brothers Nicholas and Peter Furgiuele and cohort Chris Kaufmann create this out-of-body experience – don’t miss their night at Bardot!

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SLAP & TIKCLE + JUST RECOGNIZE present their Halloween offering to The Carpet: PENTHOUSE PENTHOUSE – In their own words “top floor suite / infinity pool / hors d’oeuvres / smooth tunes for all you ladies out there / its the penthouse baby”

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10.10 HOLY GHOST! (DJ Set) w/ The Deep + Mnkybsnss

holy ghost


Holy Ghost! is a synth-pop duo from Brooklyn, NY, formed by Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser – Join them as they return to The Carpet to deliver a killer DJ Set for those who want to move their feet.

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10.9 WASHED OUT (DJ SET) w/ Mr Brown


WASHED OUT is Ernest Greene, a young guy from Georgia (via South Carolina) who makes bedroom synthpop that sounds blurred and woozily evocative – Don’t miss WASHED OUT for a special DJ Set at Bardot

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10.1 POMPEYA w/ Byrd Legs


POMPEYA is a Moscow band that ​draws from ’70s disco, ’80s New Wave, and 90s indie rock to create​ unabashed pop music.​ We’re kicking off October in the very best way possible – don’t miss POMPEYA on The Carpet

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